Faith Uncut

Asking and sometimes answering tough questions about faith, religion and culture.

Body Positivity

July 28th, 2018

For the final episode of Faith Uncut Season 2, we were talking about our bodies..and your bodies and all bodies. What contributes to how we see them? How and why are those norms established? How do we overcome the persistent influences?

There's a little time left this summer. Join us as we love on the marvelous human body, in all forms. Then get out there and shine!


Vacation Bible School w/ Jas Hands

July 21st, 2018

This week we're joined by Jas Hands of The Brown Liquor Report as we discuss the history, benefits and impact of the yearly summer church tradition, Vacation Bible School. We cover our own experiences and answer the question 'is it indoctrination?’


Church Hurt

July 14th, 2018

We have to address Church Hurt. It is real. We get real with it this week. 


Namaste w/ Sherrell Moore-Tucker

July 7th, 2018

This week we're joined by Sherrell Moore-Tucker creator of MindBody FAITH and Faith & Flow Yoga. Sherrell is a best-selling author, speaker, and wellness expert who specializes in holistic stress management. She joins us to discuss her experiences introducing yoga into Christian spaces.


The S#!T Show

June 30th, 2018
Welcome to the Shit Show!
It's been a tough week for many people. During this show we process the immigration crisis at the border, the Muslim ban, the SCOTUS, and how we cope with the crushing news cycle. We also cover some simple and not so simple things you can do to act.
We're in it now.


June 23rd, 2018

What Keeps the Church from Apologizing for Harm?

June 16th, 2018
On the heels of an attempted biblical justification of separating children from their parents, we consider the times the bible has been used to justify harm against groups of people. Why is it difficult to do the work of restoration? What does it take to resolve those situations and begin to repair the harm done?  We're answering those questions and discussing strategies for getting on with the work of healing.

It’s the Federal Courts, Saints!

June 10th, 2018

The Supreme Court issued another debated decision this week so we figure it is the perfect time to discuss the importance of the Federal bench. This week, we discuss how that bench is currently being shaped, especially at the lower court level, how it impacts you and how you can impact it.

Primaries are here. Election season is underway. This matters. Check out this episode to learn more about why.


Let’s Talk About Israel

June 2nd, 2018

Does it seem like speaking about Israel is only acceptable at certain times? Is there a blind allegiance to Israel? Why is our support of Israel seeming inseparable from our faith? Do you feel like it is difficult to have any conversation about Israel without crossing a line of anti-Semitism? We're discussing those questions and more as we tackle the current situation between Israel and Palestine.

Let's talk!


Sex in the Bible: Queer Theology (Full Episode)

May 30th, 2018

Our next entry in the Sex in the Bible series is an important discussion of Queer Theology. Nick Gaines joins us as we attempt to liberate our view of God and allow that freedom to liberate ourselves.

In this episode, we discuss the gendering and sexuality of God, how the bible was assembled and used as a tool to oppress, how the strategy of colonization is implemented to deny queer people access to a relationship with God, how that impacts children, cultural impacts on human development and sexuality and how that informs how we partner and parent.

Ending this discussion, we cover resources and techniques to help reclaim your spirituality, be healed, be whole, and be free.

Join us, as we queer theology.